André 3000’s flute performance angered organizers of the Atlanta Jazz Festival, according to reports.

A capacity crowd stood in silence as the retired rapper closed out the Jazz festival over Memorial Day weekend.

“Everything we’re doing — the same way that New Blue Sun was made with me and my brothers, we’re completely making everything up as we go along,” he said on the stage.

Afterwards, jazz lovers took to social media to critique Andre’s effort. Some fans wondered if he was playing a flute or a clarinet.

Organizers of the Atlanta Jazz Festival were reportedly upset over the performance.

According to, “Organizers of a recent jazz festival aren’t happy with a recent performance from André 3000… word is, they’re pissed.”

Jazz fans left mixed reviews online.

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One person tweeted: “Judging by the crowd’s energy, they definitely dont wanna hear that damn flute.”

Another person wrote: “I feel like this should be done somewhere with better acoustics and not outside.”

A third person tweeted: “The crowd so confused they don’t know how to take them vibes. They used to toxic music in Atlanta.”