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A new survey shows Americans believe they need a $233,000 salary to live comfortably and nearly $1.3 million for retirement.

A new survey found that Americans think they need a $233,000 annual salary in order to live comfortably and be secure financially.

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The same survey shows most respondents believe they need double that — $483,000 to achieve financial freedom.

The national average U.S. household income in 2021 was only $97,962, and the median U.S. income was $69,717, according to Newsweek.

Debt in America is out of control. Credit Card debt in America is now over $1 trillion for the first time in history. Credit Card interest rates are rising, which means the balance owed will likely never be paid off.

Many Americans are struggling to meet their basic needs, such as food, housing and health care.

Experts say most Americans don’t know how to budget and they don’t have $1,000 saved for an emergency.

Experts are calling for public schools and universities to teach financial literacy such as how to balance a household budget and how to invest for the long term.

Question: How much salary do you need to live comfortably?

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