Vogue responded to fan requests for a question and answer session with legendary rapper Nicki Minaj. The mom-of-one graces the magazine’s December 2023 cover, photographed by Norman Jean Roy.

Vogue reporter Joe Sabia met up with the rapper at a recording studio in Malibu. The questions came fast and furious. None of Nicki’s answers were Earth shattering.

Vogue: What precisely were you doing just before I arrived?

Nicki: Actually, I was working on a very special lyric.

Photo may have been deleted

How are you feeling about life these days?

“Blessed. Happy. Thankful. Grateful.”

What would you say is the biggest difference between life in New York and in L.A.?

“New York has the queens.”

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How would you describe yourself to the few people on Earth who may not know who you are?

“Pink. Rapper. Animated.”

The rest of the interview is more of the same: Nicki answering rapid-fire questions in a robotic tone and mannerisms. This interview is obviously for devoted Nicki fanatics.

Watch the interview below.